Teaching/Instructional Practices

  • To collaborate with world organizations and individual experts to learn about and implement more effective and innovative instructional practices
  • To educate and support other Consortium member instititutions in promoting high quality education and training, sharing resources with each other
  • Support and implement technology-enabled teaching methods in developing countries



  • To encourage, support, and increase the quality and number of researchers in the education field
  • To encourage, support, and help to increase the scholarly publication of Consortium members


Professional Development

  • To organize professional-development activities, including professional training, workshops, webinars, and research projects
  • To advance the careers of members in partner institutions through professional-development opportunities.


Networking and Other Collaborations

  • To establish a forum that facilitates inter- and intra-professional interactions among teaching professionals that empower the sharing of information, ideas, and resources about professional practice
  • To provide opportunities to network with practitioners, industry experts, education professionals, and scholars from around the world who are working in the field of education
  • To Develop meaningful projects that focus on supporting education and teaching professionals and advocates by designing professional networking systems globally
  • To develop and implement faculty and student exchange programs and teacher trainings within partner universities
  • To circulate knowledge, skills, and attitudes in collaboration with other international organizations by providing a focal point for members to meet, discuss and resolve common challenges
  • To facilitate contact and cooperation between international educational organizations
  • To provide free and open access to education, scholarly articles, supportive learning communities, and knowledge
  • To design, engage, and support Community-based Inclusive Development programs